Monday, August 2, 2010

United We Learn

An old Chinese man solemnly paddles the bicycle with newspaper unsteadily.

Before sky-scrappers challenge each other to touch the clouds, "kopitiam" was a morning hang-out. We learn.

Before cars run on the road, bullet trains zoom on the tracks, planes soar across the sky above. We learn.

During Japanese's Occupation, houses destroyed, people suffered, livelihood perished, peace annihilated, blood sank deep underground, dug with the bare hands were potatoes to satisfy the never-filled stomach. We learn.

Pearl Harbour attacked, A-bombs dropped in Hiroshima, British colony reinstated Malayan. Just as hope seemed to fade away, Tunku Abdul Rahman & his fellow supporters stood up. We learn.

Our country earned our independence. He witnessed a new generation rose up & standing on their own feet for the first time together with Tun Hussein Onn to fix the racial issues that plagued the country. We learn.

2 giant monuments forming the Petronas Twin Tower in 5 year to the SMART tunnel running under a metropolitan. From steam car to diesel to petrol to LPG to solar & hybrid; from monorail to A330. We learn.

From paper & pen to telegraph to land-lines phones to handphones to Iphone; from analog to digital, we learn.

From Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra to Tun Abdul Razak to Tun Hussein Onn to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to Dato' Seri Mohd. Najib Abdul Razak; from bapa kemerdakaan to bapa pembangunan to bapa perpaduan to bapa permodenan to bapa pembangunan modal insan to bapa transformasi. We learn.

Everyone needs education. Everyone needs health care. We can make it when we unite. We learn.

I highly recommend a 1 Malaysia inspired movie entitled: 1 Malaysia: Reunion. Watch it in Youtube. Link:

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