Saturday, September 4, 2010

Joke Of The Day

Teacher: Do you feel more hungry when you see someone else eating?

Student: Not really. Why?

Teacher: Don't lie. Say it.

Student: (Laugh quietly)

Teacher: Do you know it's in your Bio syllabus, it's called the P... (I didn't hear it clearly so P...) theory. You know... similarly when the dog see the bone.

(Students starring at him blankly not understanding the theory.)

Teacher: When you see food, your stomach and your brain will... What the heck, don't tell me you all don't know about it. It's general knowledge. Bio students should know it. What you all know?

Students: (Laugh)

Teacher: I've foreign students who are intelligent and they ask lots of intelligent questions. They always come to me. They ask like why have to be dot product and not cross product or alternatives. Malaysian students keep quieeeeet only. Why?

Teacher: Or you know what Malaysian student asked me? They asked me whether can I write integration sign smaller?!

Students: (Laugh)

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  1. Pavlov Theory...I did not learn it in Biology (Arts student) I learnt it in University at 'psychology of student' class