Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Goodbye...

I've counted the times,
7 years as I watch time flies;
pain & gain seen through my eyes,
in all the years of MBS & I.

It's now time to say my last goodbye,
I say I'm not gonna cry but I hate to lie,
we never appreciate the things till it's gone,
we never realise the time till it's passed;
Looking back behind, a picture
that seemed to be painted just so yesterday.

Time & time I flip Excelsior,
seeing familiar faces & the jokes we pulled;
It's the past but never gone,
It'll always be in my heart;
I've left MBS now,
but for always, MBS will be in me.
A place I grew up,
a place I learned what's right & what's life,
a home with friends I'll cherish in my life,
I love you, MBS for all my life.

I'm always proud to say I'm MBSian & even prouder that I've met MBS who taken care of me more than I can ever return. I love you, MBS. You're a true premier educational institute.

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