Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas & Counting


My blog is kind stagnant for a while due to increasingly tight schedule day & night. Well, I'll try to fill up as much as I can whenever I can. It's the time of the year again we look back & review ourselves. Have we been naughty/nice? Somewhere in between? Some might say, Jas, you always talk about "looking ahead, moving forward" & now you talk about "flashing back". Not exactly, well, we look back to enjoy the chocolaty sweet memories & learn from the mistakes that we've done to improve our health (being happy about the memories) & improve our life (learning not to repeat the mistakes).

To me, my year has been a tough & rough one (I believe everyone else year was.) but thank God I made it though the hills & waves. STPM was kinda good preparation before university. Here, I encourage those thinking about it to try it with a promise that you'll work very hard throughout the course. From here, I wish those awaiting for result all the best! Like I said, this is just the beginning, be prepared.

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