Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shady Shadow

When you're swinging, I'm there to push you higher up;
When you're singing, I be your cheering audience;
When you're dancing, I'll be your partner;
When it's raining, I be your companion;
When you're pissed, I'm there for you;
When you're down, I tickle you to get back up;
When you're going to school, I carry your bag;
When you blushed, I stand behind you;
When you excel, I support you;
When you're in love, I feel a share of your happiness & sweetness.
When you laugh, I'm glad for you;
When you're on stage, I'm your number one fan;
When you're lonely, I stand by your side;
When you cry, I collect your tears;
Whenever & wherever, I'm there with you;
For I'm your shadow.

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