Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Day 2010

It was the day we all have been anticipating for a long time. It was none other than the Family Day 2010. Lets take a quick tour of the day.

A beautiful mornin' was how it began,

A long queue at the Paintball range welcomes the day.

Just past 0800 and the crowd has already built up.

With Anson Chee ready for his morning bath. Meanwhile,

in the court, futsal & basketball kicked off.

Over the green, laughter & fun has long cheered up the field. Game on!

Not long later,

Anson was down. Which means Adrian will be up next.

And he was down too, then next up,

Then with familiar snare drum beats, BB made their grant entrance.

Anthony joined Benny in Tequila dance.

After a spectacular performance, it was a group photo.

Followed by Lion Dance performance that surprised many party-goers,

Next up, Mr. Wong joined the fun. Sporting. He too got a bath.

Not to miss some sale of new & reusable items which turned out quite good... sale.

As your eyes can see, the crowd was growing "exponentially" & my phone showed it was just 1200.

After juggling between my class's western food stall, haunted house & touring other stalls around the school, my stomach was still not full partly because the food sold were double the already expensive price.

Before stalls were closed, I got myself a butterfly.

and sis got a heart shape too,

Not far away, Mr. Ramesh got a chance on the paintball gun.

Soon Family Day 2010 was over, it was closing time. Helping out in food stall, haunted house & "DJ studio" (actually it's just school PA system). 1 word: exhausting, but fun.

After tearing, unplugging, cleaning, washing, arranging, demolishing, packing, carrying & some running. Finally done with closing. MBSSKL certainly got the fun, many friends, parents, old boys & girls & old & young couples gave their support. I hope the school raised the fund they need. We did it! Go Forward, MBS!

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