Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Back!

I've closed my blog after it went down. I've left but a part of me that loves writing my feelings down is still here so I'm back with a promise of more pictures 'cus I believe pictures paint a million words.

There was an intake for cadet in April. Running it again & again in my mind, I've decided to continue my F6 endeavor. It's no doubt a solid, concrete foundation for me. Besides, with eyes defect, I don't really want to take unnecessary risk. So, it means that I've chosen my path & it also means that I've just less than 3 months before trials & 4 months before meltdown, STPM. Focus!

By the way, MAS has no plans to cancel the purchase of 6 A380s meanwhile aviation analysts said MAS will do just as fine with the use of B787s. However, looking at the duration of delivery, A380s seemed to be a better choice even though its delivery date has been deferred several times. Imagine you're in a line buying food & it's a long line then all the time people are coming, suddenly you change your mind & change to the next line. Now, you're further away. This also tells you how fast airline industry is growing & how competitive between aircraft manufacturers. More & more & more people & cargo are flying. Like AirAsia always say "Everyone can fly" but now, I believe it should be "Everything can fly"!

Photo courtesy of Isaac Tay

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