Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Gloomy Day

Today is not my day. I'm under the weather. Injured with a scar after the telematch. Thank God so much I'm safe & fine after some treatment. My "windows of my soul" are very crucial. Thank to some of the fateful buddies for their concern & care. Thanks to the St. John's members at MABA.

While watching an Asian School game between Malaysia & Singapore, I thought sweat was dripping when I realised the liquid is fresh red. Sooner, a quarter of my face is drenched with blood & bleeding is profuse. A Melaka national player was as panic as I was. Some survival skills kicked in, applying high pressure on the wound temporarily stopped it. After it reduced significantly, I was led to St. John's where an officer & 3 seniors helped me. I chatted with the officer about stitching while my wound was cleaned. A St. John's member, girl, said I was 可怜(pitiful) and 可爱(cute). I was flattered & melted. Twice. Not every time you get praising. It really brighten my day instantly. Last but not missed, I've Mrs. Gan & her son to thank. They really helped.

Thank you all from my heart. Good night.

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