Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day Back To MBS

It was just an awesome feeling to be going back to MBS. The nostalgia & memories instant flashed back. Playing basketball there was the usual feeling except for the poor stamina I have which caused muscle aches later on. Anyway, it was great to be playing again. Thanks to Jason Yip for arranging it.

Though out the game I spotted 3 kinds of aircraft. 1 turboprop aircraft with 4 engines, I guessed it's C-130 Hercules from the appearance at the size of a nut. 3 A320 at 1 time high up and a piper. Wait, a helicopter passed by also. Clear morning sky is always busiest.

Tomorrow, lecture classes officially start after a week long orientation. Lets pray to God everything will sail smoothly. Embrace together. Ora Et Labora.

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