Thursday, May 19, 2011

Parts & Puzzles

Jamming now. Raining now.

For the this whole week I've been spending quite a lot on everything from food to tech. drawing stationery to dailies. It's time for saving spree.

Just a week into official lecture, I've 3 projects already which includes "wielding" a knife (designing it using suitable & specific materials), isometric drawing (sketch) & TV Program in Bahasa Malaysia (close-to-real acting). At the same time assignments, fitness & etc calling me. Time management again.

Sometimes, it's hard to concentrate when u've lost a crucial part of the puzzle piece which you really need to complete it. It's difficult. However, with perseverance, I believe God will light up the way leading to it soon. At the moment, pick up as much experiences as life has to offer.

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